Case Study 6

This project although not looking very much from the outside (just a small brick extension) involved a lot of work to achieve what the customer wanted the inside of the house to look like and to maximize the space and open the rooms up to make use of the outside light.

The old original small porch that was attached to the old fashioned original kitchen was knocked down and removed to make way for the new extension, the old downstairs bathroom was removed and the space we gained was used to create the kitchen dining area that can be seen by the dining table and 3 hanging lights.

We reversed the flight of the original stairs to create space for the new bathroom and using a half landing to gain floor area, in doing this we had to remove most of the internal walls and chimney breast and for a period of time it seemed the whole house was supported on accrow props about 20 props in all while we fabricated and fitted the supporting steel work that would leave us with the open air view that can be seen from the photos.

We needed a large span of steel work to the end cable that had to be removed to allow a nice open feel to the whole dining room kitchen area and easy walk through access from the living room into the kitchen.

The kitchen extension has Bi-fold doors and a glass roof to north elevation created using cranked steels in the roof to create a vaulted ceiling allowing in the maximum amount of light. The Bi-folds allowed the whole corner of the kitchen to be opened up and easy access to the new patio area and re-turfed garden outside.

The lounge has opened up with the walls being removed; this allows a nice free flow of space from the kitchen diner right through to the lounge. New slate floors were laid to the kitchen and dining room, with a wood affect floor being laid to the living room. Wood burner has been installed as well as a new central heating system.

A new wet room was also added to the back end of the kitchen close to the front door for easy disabled access, and also a small bathroom opposite the wet room that takes up part of the living room but is almost hidden maximizing the given space all very clever and with a lot of input from the customer who worked in conjunction with us to help us create the look and feel her family wanted for the property.  

The Drive was dug up outside the extension and new mains electrical cables were laid and drain runs to the old garage for a future project (case study 2)
The drive was re-laid using a resin based tarmac that could be coloured yellow to look like the beach. 

New thick wooden gates were added to the end of the extension for security and to keep in the family dogs.